About Us

Joker Media Ltd. is founded at 2001. The company runs in the field of show business and advertising and PR agency.


Joker Media Ltd. works in the following directions:

  1. Joker Media Ltd. organizes music events. The company unites its managing and technical teams in a whole organization of music events and their advertising. It includes artists, venues (places for the events), sound and lighting, producing advertising materials and a whole advertising campaign of the event, PR collaboration with the media.
  2. One of the main aims of Joker Media Ltd. is to make the Russian culture and music popular in Bulgaria. The company is the representative of the Russian Fund Of Culture, which president is Nikita Mihalkov in Bulgaria and on the Balkans and the representative of the Fund of Spivakov for Bulgaria, as well.

Up to now Joker Media Ltd. has organized:

  • Gala-concerts of Bolshoi Theatre Ballet soloists (2002). Due to the strong advertising campaigns and the huge interest Joker Media sold out Hall #1 of the National Palace of Culture (4 000 seats). The company presented in Bulgaria the ballets “The Nutcracker”, “Giselle” (2002), “Ivan Groznii”, “Romeo and Juliet”(March 2003), “Don Quixote”, “The Sleeping Beauty”(November 2003), “Swan Lake”, “Bayaderka” (May 2004), “The Nutcracker” and “Spartacus” (2006), “Chippolino” and  “Romeo and Juliet” (2010), Ballet of Grigirovich (December 2004), “Bolero”, Carmen”, “Carmina Burana”, Polovtsyan Ballet of the Imperial Russian Ballet (December 2005).
  • Together with the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria, the Russian Fund of Culture and Forum of the Russian Compatriots Joker Media Ltd. Has organized the Days of the Russian Culture in Republic of Bulgaria in the period from 1 to 7 March 2003; Gala-concert was held under the patron of the President of  Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of Republic of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov;
  • Staging “Love and Rabbits” and “Gin Game” of Armen Dzhigarhanyan’s Theatre; In connection with the official visit of the president of Republic of Armenia in Bulgaria, Joker Media in association with the Armenian Embassy in Bulgaria has organized “The Days of the Armenian Culture” in Bulgaria during the period of 8 –10th of September, 2003.; Gala-concert, devoted to 100 years from the birth of Aram Khachaturyan – his concert for violin, adagio from “Spartacus”, parts from concert for piano; suite from “Gayane” ballet.  The participants were: p.a. Ruben Agaronyan – violin, quartet “Borodino”  soloist, Svetlana Navaserdyan – piano and Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra with conductor Konstantin Orbelyan. Concert of the world known artist Dgivan Gasparyan – duduk with his trio. Jazz concert of Sergey Manoukyan – Russia and Bulgarian jazz performers Hilda Kazasyan and Stefka Onikyan.
  • In December 2003 Joker Media has invited to the “Bulgaria” Hall the trio of tenors of Bolshoy Theatre – Sergey Gaidey, Maxim Paster, Nikolai Vassiliev.
  • Concerts of the greatest violist of the 20th Century Yrii Bashmet with his Chamber Orchestra “The Moscow Soloists” (28th of March, 2004 and 29th of March, 2006)
  • Concert of Maestro Spivakov with “Virtuoso of Moscow” (28.04.2007 and 29.03.2012)
  • National tour of Cuban Cossack Ensemble under the patronage of the President of republic Bulagaria on occasion “125 years from establishing the official diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Russia”. A special guest on the final concert was the legend of the Russian pop-music Iosif Kobzon – a Chairman of the Culture Commission in the Russian Duma.
  • Concert of the world-famous Alla Pugacheva (October, 2004 and 2010)
  • National tour of Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble on occasion “60 years of the end of the ІІ World War”. A special guest on the final concert was the legend of the Russian pop-music Iosif Kobzon – a Chairman of the Culture Commission in the Russian Duma (April, 2005; 26th of April to 3 of May, 2006 on the Balkans and in five Bulgarian towns).
  • Concert of Lezginka – the Dagestanian Ensemble in Sofia and Burgas – 9 and 11 July 2012.
  • Concerts of Ronnie James Dio and Deep Purple in Kavarna in July 2005.
  • Concert of Andrea Bocelli  (21st of May 2006)
  • Тhe performances of Shaolin Monks in Sofia (7 of June 2006, National Palace Of Culture) and Kavarna.
  • Concerts of George Michael, the group „LUBE”, Philipp Kirkorov, DDT, Halloween, The Cult, Testament, Twisted sisters in Kavarna, Bryan Adams, Placebo, Heaven and Hell, Motorhead, Manowar, Robert Plant in Kavarna, Russian metal fest 2007 – Kavarna, Buena Vista – Cuba 2008, 2009, Chris Rea, Seal, Robin Gibb, Zucchero, Toto Cotugno, Umberto Tozzi, Al Bano, IL DIVO, Lenny Kravitz, Alice Cupper.
  • Organization of Bulgarian semi-final of International competition of young singers of popular music „New Wave 2010”
  • National tour of the Ensemble of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation with the special participation of  Iosif Kobzon – four times.
  • The concert of the Moiseev’s Ensemble.
  • “The Master Town” – Sofia and Plovdiv
  • “Russian Ballet Stars” – Gala-concert (September, 2009).
  • Days of Russian Spiritual Culture in Bulgaria (September,2011)
  • Gala “Stars of Russian Ballet”
  • Gala “Russian Leading Opera Soloists with Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra with Akimov, Aglatova, Sergeeva and Markov (October, 2011).
  • Concert of Al Bano (2012)
  • Concert of Toto Cutugno (2012)
  • Concert of Umberto Tozzi (2012)
  • Concert of Il Divo
  • Concert of Jose Carreras
  • Concert of Al Bano , Toto Cutugno, Umberto Tozzi with Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra – world premiere (2013)
  • Concert of Ricchi e Poveri
  • Concert of Alan Parsons project (2013)
  • Concert of Roger Hodgson – “Supertramp”
  • Concert of Ensemble MVD – Russia  – Tour in 9 cities in Bulgaria (2014)
  • Imperial Russian Ballet – “Swan Lake”, “Bolero”, “Carmina Burana”, “Don Quixote” (March, 2015)
  • Imperial Russian Ballet – “Swan Lake”, “Sylphs”, “Carmen”– Tour in 6 cities in Serbia and Bulgaria (June, 2015)
  • Concert of Eros Ramazzotti  – World Tour (26.09.2015)
  • Concert of Jose Carreras – Farewell World Tour (03.12.2015)
  • Concert of Al Bano and Romina Power (16.12.2015)
  • “Parade of Champions” – Ice show of Ilya Averbuh (28.03.2016)
  • Concert of Elena Vaenga /08.06.2016/
  • Concert of Foreigner /12.06.2016/
  • Tour of Imperial Russian ballet – “Bolero” and “Carmen” /June-July 2016/
  • First International Junior Dance Festival GRAND DANCE ACADEMY /1-13 July2016/
  • Concert of Montserrat Caballé  /09.10.2016/
  • Concert of Zucchero /20.11.2016/
  • Tour „Masha and the Bear“ /13-21 November 2016/
  • Ice show of Ilya Averbuh – „Carmen“ /1, 2 April 2017/
  • Tour „Masha and the Bear“ /10-20 April 2017/
  • Second International Junior Dance Festival GRAND DANCE ACADEMY /1-13 August 2017/
  • Ballet performance „Zorba the Greek“ /08.08.2017/
  • Ballet performance „Giselle “ with Svetlana Zakharova And Denis Rodkin /16.10.2017/
  • Tour of Dagestan ensemble „Lezginka“ /01 – 05. 12. 2017/
  • Concert of  Fun Lovin’ Criminals /7.12.2017/
  1. Joker Media Ltd. has an exclusive right to distribute two of the most box-office Russian movies for 2002 – “War” and “Star”. Their premiere was very successful.
  2. Joker Media Ltd. produces, presents and manages Bulgarian performers – solo singers and bands. Up to now in its catalogue аre the names of Vladimir Ampov – Grafa, the band “Kaffe”, the band „Mastilo”, Kamelia Voce, Ya Ya, „Sahara”, Nicky Manolov – the winner of the Bulgarian semi-final of International competition of young singers of popular music „New Wave 2010”, Rene Ranev and Maya Krasteva. The artists of Joker Media are among the most popular and demanded in Bulgaria.
  3. Joker Media Rental has become the leader in the sphere of the sound and lighting. The Joker Media owns a Vertek and JBL Professional and lighting equipment /Martin/ of a world level. This equipment is unique not only in Bulgaria, but on the Balkans too. This is the biggest investment ever made in the music business on the territory of Bulgaria up to now. The high technical indicators of the equipment, the organizing abilities as well as the full confidence in the possibilities of the company made Joker Media the most preferable in its sphere. The following events: concerts of Philipp Kirkorov, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Smokie, Zucchero, Tizziano Ferro, Alphaville, Uriah Heep, Moloko, Kosheen, Faithless and etc.; the ceremonies of “Miss Bulgaria”, “Miss Universe”, music “MM Awards”, the promotion of Vladimir Ampov –  Grafa and etc.
  4. Each of the events, organized by Joker Media Ltd. is supported by strong PR and advertising campaign. Specialists in the marketing of the entertainment business elaborate individual campaigns according to the type of the event and the major sponsor of the event. Joker Media works entirely in favor of a certain sponsor, so that the sponsor could reach a best possible result in its targeting. Simultaneous advertisement of the event and the sponsor reduces the expenses for the advertising campaigns for both and directs the advertising message to certain target group.
  5. On the 25-th of May 2003 Joker Media put up the beginning of the project “Music Instead of Drugs”. Joker Media Ltd., M-Tel and the International Association Against Drug Trafficking And Drug Abuse established the movement. The company started with jazz-concerts in Sofia (25-th of May 2003 – Sergey Manukian /Russia/, Vlatko Stefanovski /Mecedonia/, Teodosi Spasov Trio /Bulgaria/, band “Kaffe”/Bulgaria/. In the summer of 2003 Joker Media Ltd. and M-Tel organized a big national tour “Music Instead Drugs”/ Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Razgrad, Rousse, Silistra, Dobrich, Yambol, Kardjali/ with participation of Bulgarian stars Grafa, Slang, Kaffe, Fyeld, Spens and Slim. “Music Instead Of Drugs reaches to the most concern people – the teenagers. We have chosen this way, because the music is very close to them, it is a part of their life. The personal of the new idols – movie and stage stars – is very important for young people.
  6. Joker Media Ltd. has already 10 years its own radio program for modern Russian music “Balalayka Rock” on Darik Radio.
  7. Joker Media Ltd. is a publisher of the most popular Russian language magazine for information and analytical issues – “Business Contacts”.